The requirements of this course are composed of a 1/5.000 and 1/1000 scale urban planning and urban design studies. Studio program is based on individual critiques, class panels, readings, project works, sketch problems, and class lectures. Students will be expected to further advance the information they gain through lectures, written materials that will be provided by studio instructors and their own efforts to search their relevant topics. Students must attend at least 70% of the class hours.

Active Moodle usage is expected throughout the course! Each submission (preliminary and finalized works) has to be uploaded to Moodle web page of the course. All announcements related to the course will be done through the Moodle system.

Students of the course will be evaluated with reference to the following tasks:

  • 1/5000 Master (Development) Plan Study / Flow Charts / Algorithms / Diagrams etc.
  • 1/1000 Urban Design Site Plan Study / Flow Charts / Algorithms / Diagrams / 1/1000 Model


!! Active participation in class discussions (active class participation including participation in the course discussions; collaboration in the process of class management; collective generation of the group work assignment in each class)